CEO Emeritus and Founder

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Gerald Waterson

Dr. Waterson worked many years in academia and as CIO of Rutgers University he was instrumental in the establishment of the Internet through the University's affiliation with ARPANet.  He decided to establish a commercial venture for setting up wired and wireless networks  and offer training in the use of such networks.That venture resulted in the Barger Corporation which has expanded to two European countries, one Middle East country, three Far Eastern Countries and Australia.

Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Benson

Jonathan has had many years experience i n the development of wireless networks after having spent time before that on conventional networking schemes. He was the former CIO of the Company before his promotion

Chief Financial Officer

Jane Kruiper

Jane was formerly a CPA and head of the Tax Division at Arthur Anderson in Houston, Texas .  She worked as an accountant for the Company prior to her promotion.

Cheif Information Officer

Satindther Pula

Satindther is new to the company having worked at Sun Microsystems as Director of Information Systems.

Director of Marketing

Robyn Deveraux

Robyn has been with the company since the founding and previously worked in a similar position in New York

Director of Sales

Benjamin Cotter

Ben has been involved in sales in various industries.

Barger Corporation